Thursday, 16 February 2012

Prank on your parents

Playing pranks on your parents can be a big trouble for you, if your parents take your pranks as a fun, than it's o.k. otherwise it is a big trouble for you. But as we are a prankster, then we can't leave our parents without getting pranked. So let's start learning pranks to your parents......

1. How can you do that...???

This is a very funny technique  you can use on your parents as well as your friends or anyone else. Just get near them, stare them angrily, and tell how can you do that...??? I didn't expect that from you, didn't you feel shame doing this. They will surely get uncomfortable listening it from you. This prank will work more on your dad cause a men has so many hidden secrets compared to your mom. So, let's start doing this. This prank don't need any type of preparation, so you can also do this prank now.

2. Scare them with their own voice
This is a very harmless but scary prank. You just have to record their voice when they were busy in talking with someone. Now add some special effects to their voice using voice changer Then when they sleep or busy in watching tv, play this recording in high sound, tehy will surely get scared and tehy will also know that you are a PRANKSTER.......!!!!

3.Hair drier prank on your mom


This only works if your mom uses a hair dryer!

When your parents fall asleep, sneak into their bathroom. Find your mother's hair dryer and use baby powder or flour to stuff in the dryer. Then when your mother turns it on to use before work or any day, she will get a BIG SURPRISE!!! It is soooo funny!

I 'll present more pranks soon .Keep connected with play pranks to experience lots of fun and learn a bang of pranking tricks......Please comment on my post whether you like this or critisize it. I accept all type of comments, you can also give me more ideas for pranking,.I will surely use them in my future posts.

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