Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Pranks to strangers

Today, i will tell you pranks to pull out on strangers.....The pranks to strangers are quite safe as the risk of loosing relation is not present there....So here i present some pranks you can use on strangers......

1.What is in the sky...? 
For this prank, just go near the stranger-cum-victim, look in his eyes for a movement, then instantly look at the sky, The person will surely look at the sky and surely get worried for a moment atleast.

2.Time prank
Go to a randomly selected person, then ask him for the time, and when he tell you the time look at your watch and say "your watch is incorrect, it shows wrong time" or you can tell him a liar, the victim will be pranked

3.  Sadness
According to this prank, go to a randomly selected person and tellhim that you are so sad about the incident happen to if you are also a good actor , than also cry a little bit to show your sadness, but don't tell the victim the reason for your sadness.....It's over you are done.  Your victim will not sleep for atleast three nights thinking that what had happened to me........!!!!!!!

4. Unexpectation
For this prank, just go near a person and shout, " i didn't expect that from you, how could you do that, i hate you". For sure, your victim will be shocked and you will surely make him worry for atleast 2-3 days. This prank work more on opposite gender persons, and work a lot if the opposite gender is your g.f or b.f.......!!!!!

5. Racing
This is a very funny prank to pull on strangers. when you ride a vehicle, select a person of almost your age, go near him with your vehicle and raise your speed, if he also starts increasing speed, then you will be almost successful, when the victim increases his speed, you also increase your speed, and act like you are racing with him. When you both get on top speed, then stop near the cop and tell him that this man is following me from half hour, please save me.........Your victim will get more than being "pranked".

6.Following prank


For this prank, you need a group of peoples to support you, just walk with you group on footpath, select a random victim, then shout " THIS IS THE MAN, THIS IS THE MAN " and run towards the victim.
 He also start running in opposite direction. Follow him for atleast half hour, then leave him. He will soon felt that he is pranked.

7. Hug prank
You just need one of your friend to help you in this prank. Tell your friend to walk towards you in a footpath. When you see a victim also walking on footpath towards you, just make position of hugging and stare at him. He thought that you are coming to hug him but you go forward and hug your friend coming from opposite direction.

8.Your Suggestions
For this time, i get lots of pranking ideas from my viewers. They are interesting and now i felt that the level of pranking is increasing of my blog viewers.Some of the funny pranks by visitors are-

Alice Teeples from california had given me the suggestion "When two or three people are walking ahead of you, run between them, yelling, “Red Rover!”"

Nicole mehaleva from pulaski, Tennesse also given me very interesting suggestion "Drape a blanket around your shoulders and run around saying, “…I’m Batman. Come, Robin—to the Batcave!”

And last but not the least, Juhi Pawar from Pune, India had given me the wonderful suggestion "Put signboard "Caution: Wet Floor” signs to carpeted areas."

                                                        This were some of the suggestions given by my viewers about pranking, you can also give me your suggestions directly through my contacts or email given in my profile.
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